CFV Webinar October 28: Learn About Proposed Changes to the Estate Tax Law & Viable Charitable Tax Strategies

This year is swiftly moving through its final quarter. With many laws and changes touching so many aspects of our lives, it’s hard to keep up. Most important of these are the laws affecting our personal lives which include what we have worked hard for, what we have to hopefully pass on to future generations, and plans for charitable gifting that are win-win for all.

Along these lines, the CFV is happy to be hosting its second, in a series, of educational planned giving webinars on Thursday, October 28, from 4 to 5 p.m. “Learn About Proposed Changes to the Estate Tax Law & Viable Charitable Tax Strategies” features guest speakers Kevin J. Moore, estate planning attorney with Kevin J. Moore & Associates, and David Ellis, managing partner of Ellis & Ellis, CPAs, Inc.

This webinar will also touch briefly on Prop 19. Estate planning knowledge is for everyone, especially if you live in California. By arming yourself with knowledge, you not only ensure your own well-being, but you ensure that your assets and all that you have worked for are available for those close to you, including charities that you hold dear. By planning ahead, you not only add strength to your future, but you help to build a more resilient and healthy community.

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