Go Sustainable Now

Green Is In! Be Part of the Catalyst!

The Verdugo Region is blooming with new activity and we invite you to join Go Sustainable Now (GSN), an organization fiscally sponsored by the Community Foundation of the Verdugos.

The mission of Go Sustainable Now is to build its first sustainable, affordable home-office, a single-story prototype in the heart of its hometown, Pasadena, CA for the purpose to educate our community and greater Los Angeles on how to build and live 100% GREEN.

The six cornerstone principals of GSN are:

  •  Affordability
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Local Material Resourcing
  • Community Involvement
  • Green Education Programs for All

GSN believes in ‘Future Proofing,’ which simply means utilizing 100% of earth’s natural materials from its natural habitats, to build an affordable and architecturally beautiful structure to last for generations. The leadership team has decades of residential and commercial experience building sustainable structures. Today, they incorporate their innovative building capabilities, while incorporating ancient construction techniques learned from our predecessors, e.g, the Romans, Egyptians and American Indians.

GSN’s motto is ‘Now is the Time and the Time is Now.’ We have identified a local land parcel in the Pasadena region and are actively working with the City to submit prototype plans for approval. Together, starting today, we can improve the current state and future state of humanity by creating, building and educating everyone on the meaning of Go Green!

And, it all starts here at home – at the local level and eventually, we’ll partner with local schools and community organizations to teach our Go Sustainable Now techniques through education platforms reaching all ages and all peoples with information on how to live happily and sustainably.

To build our first affordable home-office, single-story prototype, we must raise $300,000!

  • GSN invites YOU, our local friends & family, to support our campaign launch goal of $50,000 by December 31, 2020.
  • If we reach our goal, it will be matched, dollar for dollar, by anonymous donors!
  • As a first-time donor, your name will be listed on the GSN website and also on our donor recognition wall which will be part of our prototype design.
  • Additional recognition is provided by our fiscal sponsor, the Community Foundation of the Verdugos.

All donations, of any amount, are 100% tax deductible! To donate online: 


Be part of the Go Sustainable Now Movement! We share our gratitude for your interest and support! For more information, contact Serena Overhoff, GSN Advisory Member at partners@serenaoverhoff.com or phone 213-700-3008.

To learn more, visit our website: www.gosustainablenow.com