Martin and Kathleen Veeh Family Endowment Fund

MartinKathlenKathleen and her husband Martin, who passed in 2001, were both committed to giving back. They understood the multiplying factor of sharing time or treasures with others so that all could experience a greater quality of life. From healthcare to arts, from social services to education, the Veehs held these close to their hearts and established the Martin and Kathleen Veeh Family Endowment Fund to help numerous causes. Leaving imprints throughout the community, Kathleen further left a legacy gift that will be added to this Fund in order that even more impact can begin to be felt.

The Martin and Kathleen Veeh Family Endowment Fund has a primary emphasis on children & youth and in education. Kathleen had a particular interest in reading and music as it pertains to the younger residents of the Verdugos. Her belief was that literacy was vital for everyone to have. When it came to the arts, although she never studied music, Kathleen had a wish to expose children to the beauty of music in all its forms – a gift that would stay with them for life. She was particularly proud of the fact that her grandson had been in the Glendale Youth Orchestra. With much appreciation, The Veeh Family thanks you for remembering Kathleen during this time with a gift to the Fund that will carry on what she and her husband so dearly cherished …. for good. For ever. Thank you for being a part of this legacy.

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Martin and Kathleen Veeh Family Endowment Fund

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