Mental Health Fund will address Glendale’s growing mental health care needs

Glendale, CA – It’s no secret that the need for mental health care services is growing within our communities as well as nationally. In light of this, the Community Foundation of the Verdugos (CFV) has received a donation of $390,184 to establish, and maintain, the new Mental Health Fund to help support Glendale nonprofits with grant funding in the area of mental health services for Glendale residents of all ages.

The fund is endowed and will be a permanent part of CFV’s overall endowed funding source restricted to provide support in this area. The donor, though unnamed, has provided specific support in the past toward mental health services in Glendale. “I like the purpose of this fund which states that it is to be used to support mental health programs for those adults and children needing such services in the greater Glendale community,” said Foundation CFO Michael W. Deaktor.

As an endowed fund, it will continue to grow annually through CFV’s investments and as the fund grows, there will be more available for grant funding back to the community. The Foundation’s purpose further outlines that “It is the intent that the Community Foundation make grants from such income to any non-profit organization providing such mental health services to the needy of the greater Glendale community.”

According to Foundation CEO Edna Karinski, the Board of Directors is the final decision-making body with funding requests and the new Fund will provide discretionary monies for the Board to apply toward grant applications from nonprofits that come in during one of three grant cycles annually. Karinski added that the public could also donate toward this fund at any time to help strengthen the financial grants available to be given back to the community.

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