Dellinger Scholarship Fund

Established August 8, 2017
In Honor of Judith and Ernest Dellinger

Judith and Ernest Dellinger are beloved members of the Burbank community who have generously supported Burbank students, arts programs and community activities both during their careers and after their retirement. Mrs. Dellinger was a teacher in the Burbank Unified School District for 36 years and Mr. Dellinger worked for the City of Burbank Community Development Department for 12 years.

This scholarship fund was created by former students of Mrs. Dellinger and their families with the goal of supporting outstanding college bound graduates from Burbank Unified School District high schools in honor of the Dellingers. The “pay it forward” inspiration for this scholarship was a natural result of the acts of love and compassion modeled by the Dellingers over the years.

Before retiring in 2005, Mrs. Dellinger was a teacher at Emerson Elementary School. Throughout her 40 year teaching career, Mrs. Dellinger always incorporated her creativity and kindness into the unique classroom environment she created. Her passion for music and the arts was contagious. In 2015, ten years after her retirement, Mrs. Dellinger held a class reunion for her last class, where she announced that she and Mr. Dellinger had set aside the funds to help each student attend college. This remarkable act of kindness was yet another lesson for her students. This led the students and their families to the idea of establishing the Dellinger Scholarship in honor of the Dellingers. The Dellinger scholarship has been created to continue spreading the generosity of Judith and Ernest Dellinger, and will offer financial assistance to hardworking BUSD graduates who value education, demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, engage in community service, and emulate the Dellingers’ generous spirit.

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