Giving Tuesday 2018

For many, giving to a worthy cause is not limited to just one day a year. Giving Tuesday, however, has now grown along with the frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday to provide a reminder that giving is a part of the fabric of our nation.

November is philanthropy month which ties in so well with the idea of appreciation for what we have and a reminder of those who are not so fortunate.
Our state has recently been ravaged by fires so devastating that communities will be hard pressed for years to deal with the healing and rebuilding. The needs of the homeless, bolstered by the lack of affordable or workforce housing, continue to scream “help” within the neighborhoods and towns of the Verdugo region and throughout California. Education, arts, healthcare, and the environment are just some of the many other causes in need of support.

Where do you start? Many of the same causes asking for your Giving Tuesday gift are also in the midst of their year-end appeals. Please take a moment to consider your Giving Tuesday Gift as that year-end donation. What type of giving gives you joy or satisfaction? Though you cannot give to all causes, it’s important to give where you feel it makes sense to you.
Giving Tuesday at the Community Foundation of the Verdugos means that you can make a gift that keeps on giving. You may give to your own Fund. You may make a gift to someone else’s Fund. You may help the Foundation issue grants by donating to its Unrestricted Fund, Community Interests Fund, Children and Youth Fund, Arts and Culture Fund, or Green Fund. All of these are ways in which you help nonprofits to benefit from grants issued from Foundation Funds.

Thank you for what you do on Giving Tuesday and during the other 364 days of the year. Please click here to make a year-end/Giving Tuesday gift to a Fund of your choice.

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