Northern California Fire Emergency Update to Our Friends and Community

Though we are currently not experiencing fire in our own region, it has not been the same for so many other areas in California. Community foundations in California, as well as nationally, are prepared to assist with disaster relief funding in their communities to help support emergency needs, shelter, and rebuilding efforts for those affected. The Community Foundation of the Verdugos (CFV), as a member of the League of California Community Foundations, is part of a network monitoring the disaster situation in our state as well as helping to garner vital support where it is the most urgent.

The situation in Northern California continues to be devastating as the flames move onward in their ferocious attack. The following is from the Community Foundation of Mendocino County’s webpage, written by President/CEO Megan Barger Allende:

“Dear Friends,
It is with sorrow that we witness the rapid growth of the Ranch and Rivers fires (Mendocino Complex Fire) encroach upon our neighbors in Lake County. This fire season has begun exceptionally early and it’s already taking its toll. As of this morning, August 3, 2018 the Ranch and River fires (Mendocino Complex Fire) have increased to 153,738 acres burned with 28% and 50% containment (respectively) while 41 residences and 47other buildings have been destroyed, the majority in Lake County. Between counties there are over 10,000 evacuees seeking shelter.

Even as I write this new evacuation notices are coming in as firefighters struggle to gain control over the devastating firestorm.

Because Lake County is bearing the brunt of the property damage, we would like to encourage donors to extend their generosity to North Coast Opportunities (NCO) via their Wildfire Relief Fund NCO are our partners in the recovery efforts for the October 2017 Redwood Complex Fire, and their work in Lake County is now in its third year of fire damage. Please support them directly if you are able.”

You may read the entire article, which includes additional links, at

As fellow Californians, please keep those yet in the path of the fires and those suffering amidst the remains in your thoughts. The links contained in Ms. Barger Allende’s message are vetted locations in which your donation can do the most good immediately. Those with donor advised funds at the CFV may also make grants.

The Community Foundation of the Verdugos thanks you for your time in reading this important message.


Edna Karinski

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